Io Progress Report - The Final Sprint

21 Apr 2020

This was the last sprint before our final deliverable. I was tasked with implementing player damage, which was urgently important for playtesting the game before the showcase. I also had to fix a game-breaking bug in the Acrobat's damage-box.

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Io Progress Report - Beta

06 Apr 2020

This sprint was focused on improving and iterating upon the EnemyBalance editor window from last week.

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Io Progress Report - Pre-Beta

23 Mar 2020

These past few weeks were stressful, but I was able to get contributions in for the enemy death component and enemy balance editor script.

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Io Progress Report - Alpha

02 Mar 2020

The main tasks I worked on this sprint were creating a projectile component for the Gungnir enemy and writing a component to handle enemy death. I also fixed a few bugs that popped up from my work last sprint, wrote documentation for the EnemyAggro script, and got to do some thorough playtesting.

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Io Progress Report - Pre-Alpha

16 Feb 2020

This sprint I spent a lot of time getting familiar with the repository and reading the existing code to understand how the scripts interact with each other. I was tasked with creating an interface for triggering events when a player enters/exits an enemy's range as well as making a prototype version of a shielding enemy.

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